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Summer Term 2

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely May half term.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Dinosaur topic last half term and particularly enjoyed becoming Palaeontologists like Mary Anning. Despite, the unusual circumstances, the highlight of the half term had to be May Day. We hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as we did!

The children have been enjoying our ‘Fun in the Sun’ topic so far.

Summer Term 2 Topic: Fun in the Sun

This half term our topic has begun with looking at and comparing holidays in the past to how they are now.

We will be learning to:

  • Name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans.
  • Name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the UK and its surrounding areas.

We are thoroughly looking forward to our beach trip.

English Learning

In English, we will be looking at seaside stories and poetry. We will learn:

  • To listen to and discuss a range of stories and non-fiction texts at a level beyond that at which they can read independently
  • To sequence sentences to form short narratives

To participate in discussions and presentations

Mathematical Learning

In maths, we will be looking at measurement, in particular time and money. We will learn:

  • To recognise coins and notes. Most of us will extend our knowledge by adding and comparing amounts.
  • To tell the time to the hour and half hour. We will recap our knowledge of ordinal numbers by comparing times in minutes, seconds and hours. We will be using the vocabulary ‘earliest’, ‘latest’, ‘fastest’ and ‘quickest’


We will also be revisiting some key mathematical concepts to ensure that the children are fully secure on these before moving to Year 2. We will recap:

  • Partitioning numbers to 100 into tens and ones and using this knowledge to order and compare them
  • Naming 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them based on simple properties

Reading and writing addition and subtraction equations using numbers to 20


PSHE Learning

This half term the topic is Safety and the changing body.

We will learn how to respond to adults in different situations; distinguishing appropriate and inappropriate physical contact; understanding what to do if we are lost and how to call the emergency services; identifying: hazards in the home and people in the community who keep us safe. Finally, we will finish the term looking at transition to support the children in moving to Year 2. We shall have some visits to the Year 2 classes and support the children with any anxieties they may have.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this term is plants. We will continue to learn about:

  • The different parts of a plant and what job they do
  • The names of different common garden plants

How to identify different types of trees


Art Learning

Our art focus this half-term is clay. We will design, create and evaluate a seaside inspired clay tile. We will learn how:

  • To use some techniques to shape and manipulate the clay
  • To use embellishment techniques such as printing and painting to decorate the clay tile

Music Learning

This unit of work consolidates the learning that has occurred during the year. All the learning is focused around revisiting songs and musical activities, a context for the history of music and the beginnings of the language of music. We will listen and appraise classical music, continue to embed the foundations of the interrelated dimensions of music using voices and instruments, sing, play instruments within the song, improvise using voices and instrument, compose and share and perform the learning that has taken place.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at the topic of Worship through the question, ‘Why do Christians pray to God and worship him?’

Computing Learning

We will be learning about information technology. We will use Seesaw to practise taking photos and videos and be creative using different technology tools

PE Learning

We will be focusing on athletics.  This is all in preparation for our sports day.

How can you help?

  • Listen to your child read their reading book from school as often as possible.
  • Complete the homework tasks that are provided each week.
  • Keep reading stories to your child to enrich their vocabulary and enjoyment of stories.
  • Play Numbots at home. Please ask your child’s teacher if you need a reminder of your child’s password.

Events/Trips planned for this half term

  • Our beach trip (further details to follow)
  • Sports day
  • Transition morning (getting ready for Year 2)

Please note that events may be subject to change due to current circumstances.

Please contact your class teacher if you need any further information or have a query. We are available via a message on Seesaw or class email.

The Year 1 team

Mrs Martin            Miss Howes