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Spring Term 2

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term holiday.

The children really enjoyed the topic of Toys last half term, in particular bringing in their own toys to share with a friend.  The children have had a chance this term to attend the Forest School, which is led by Mrs Burnett, Mrs Hartigan and Mrs Russell. They explored and developed their social, communication and creativity skills. Other skills that have been explored were fire lighting, using saws, tying knots and how to use equipment safely.

Spring Term Topic: Rumble in the Jungle

This half term our topic begins with looking at and comparing our local area to Africa.

We will be learning about:

  • Geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of a small area of the United Kingdom, and of a small area in a contrasting non-European country.
  • Basic geographical vocabulary that refers to human and physical features.


English Learning

In English, we will be looking at the story QUIET! We will be writing a jungle story. We will learn:

  • To participate in discussion about what is read, take turns and listen to what others say
  • To explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them
  • To sequence sentences to form short narratives
  • To use ‘ing’ where no change is needed in the spelling of root words
  • To read their writing aloud in a voice that can be heard by their peers and the teacher


Mathematical Learning

This term we are looking at:

  • Fractions – focusing on ½ of an object, shape or quantity. We then move on to look at a ¼ of an object, shape or quantity.
  • Multiplication - solving one-step problems involving multiplication using objects, pictures and arrays.
  • Division - solving one-step problems involving division using objects, pictures and arrays.


PSHE Learning

This half term the topic is “Growing and Changing”. This involves looking at ourselves and the life cycle of how we grow up. It involves comparing what we can do now to what we couldn’t do as a baby. We shall look at what we need to help us grow but also who has helped us along the way. Through this topic we shall be sharing memories of being younger, so if anyone has a baby album or photos they would like to share please send these in with your child. Finally, the children will get the opportunity to share any of their achievements with the class to show what new skills they have learnt.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this term is ‘Animals, including humans’. Last half term we focused on humans and our senses. This half term we will be focusing on animals. We will learn about:

  • Body parts that are similar to humans. Body parts that are different. (eg, tail, claw, scales, feathers)
  • Sorting animals into groups
  • Finding out the meaning of the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore
  • Animals that live near us and animals that are far away


Art Learning

We will design and make a house with a hinge of our choice, using recyclable materials.

Music Learning

We will be listening to and comparing music from around the world.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at the topic of Salvation and thinking about the question, ‘Why does Easter matter to Christians?” We will be thinking about the happy and sad parts of the Easter story and what these events mean to Christians.

Computing Learning

We will be learning about online safety.

PE Learning

We will be focusing on partner skills and games in outdoor PE. In indoor PE we will be focusing on gymnastics skills.

How can you help?

  • We are very low on parent helpers. If you can spare either 15 minutes at morning drop off or any other time during the day, please speak to your child’s class teacher.
  • Keep reading stories to your child to enrich their vocabulary and enjoyment of stories.
  • Listen to your child read their reading book from school as often as possible.
  • Complete the homework tasks that are provided each week.
  • Use the phonics home booklets we have sent out to reinforce their phonics learning in preparation for the Phonics Screening this summer.


Events/Trips planned for this half term

  • As part of our comparison, we shall be taking a walk around Angmering Village.
  • Parents evening takes place on Wednesday 18th March and Thursday 26th March 3.30-7pm.
  • World Book Day Thursday 5th March


If you have any books or topic related items at home, we are happy for the children to bring them in for them to share with the class.

Please come and see your class teacher if you need any further information or have a query. We are available at the end of the day after we have dismissed the class.

The Year 1 team

Mrs Hendrick            Mrs Love              Miss Wilson