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Summer Term 1

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break over Easter.

The children really enjoyed last term’s topic ‘Can one person change the world?’ especially learning about Mary Anning and her dinosaur fossils. Some children have even been to visit her statue in Lyme Regis during the holidays.

This term, we will begin to consider the question ‘What does it mean to belong?’ We will be learning in particular about Angmering and thinking about our place in the wider world.


Summer Term Topic - What does it mean to belong?

As part of our belonging topic, the children will have a chance to take Beegu home for one sleep, or over the weekend on a Friday! If your child comes home with Beegu, please take pictures for us to share showing Beegu’s adventures. Beegu would enjoy going to the park or reading a bedtime story. Please be careful not to lose Beegu – she loves to belong at St Margaret’s School!


English Learning

This half term we will be:-

  • Writing sentences about where we belong based on stories such as ‘Beegu’ and ‘Teacup’
  • Reading stories about what it means to belong, such as ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon and ‘Teacup’ by Rebecca Young
  • Sequencing sentences to form short narratives based on these familiar stories
  • Learning to use adjectives and adverbs in our writing with the help of Marvellous Monkey.

Mathematical Learning

This term we are looking at the following areas of mathematics:

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s:

Multiplication and Division:

  • arrays as a pictorial representation for multiplication (these are pictures arranged in columns and rows). For example, 2x5 could be represented as 2 rows and 5 columns
  • make equal groups and add them together (repeated addition)
  • doubling as multiplying by 2
  • division as grouping and as sharing


  • learning the coins and placing them in order
  • being able to know what each coin is worth and what that means making small amounts by adding multiple coins together

PSHE Learning

This half term we will be learning about Economic well-being. We will explain how children might get money and explain some different ways to keep money safe. We will discuss the role of banks and building societies. We will teach children to recognise that people may make different choices about spending or saving. We will also explain that a range of jobs exist in and out of school and that different skills are needed for these jobs.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this term is plants. We will learn about:

  • The life cycle of plants
  • What seeds are made of and what conditions they need to grow into plants
  • The parts of a plant, including those that we eat

Art Learning

We will be continuing to develop our collage skills this half term. Using our knowledge of different kinds of materials and the importance of recycling, we will be turning ‘Trash’ into ‘Treasure’. We will be creating a final piece of artwork which incorporates the techniques we have learnt throughout the term.

Music Learning

This half term’s musical spotlight is all about ‘Having fun with Improvisation’. Each lesson will focus around a social question and children will be encouraged to improvise a response either independently or with a partner.

Faith and Wonder Learning

Judaism: We will be exploring the Jewish concept of ‘Belonging’ through the question, ‘Why is learning to do good deeds important to Jewish people?” We will discover how the Jewish idea of Mitzvot helps them to look after the world we live in.                                                                                                    

Computing Learning

We will be learning about algorithms. We will learn:-

  • To say what is an algorithm
  • How to follow an algorithm to create a picture
  • About Input and output devices
  • How to de-bug an algorithm

PE Learning

This half term we will be focusing on learning athletic style games in preparation for our Sport Day in the second half of the summer term.

We will also be learning a traditional dance to perform at our May Day Celebration on 22nd May.

How can you help?

  • Listen to your child read their reading book from school at least 5 times a week. Please make sure you write a short comment in their reading diary and check off on their homework sheet so that we can see this is happening at home. Your child can change their own book once they have read at home.
  • Complete the homework tasks that are provided each week.
  • Keep reading stories to your child to enrich their vocabulary and enjoyment of stories.
  • Keep visiting Numbots and work through the levels.

Events/Trips planned for this half term

  • Wednesday 22nd May – Class Photos
  • Wednesday 22nd May – May Day
  • Week beginning 27th May – Half Term
  • Thursday 20th June – Infants Sports morning


Further dates and information may come out from the Office throughout the half term.

If you have any resources you are happy to loan to us or have any particular knowledge about any of our focuses, please let us know.

Class emails:

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