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Margaret’s CE Primary School – Curriculum Intent

For an in-depth look at each year groups current curriculum for the half term, please see the "Topics and Curriculum" section in each Year Group folder, under our Parent Information tab. 

Our Mission

  • to develop a love of learning
  • to foster self-respect and love for others
  • to grow spiritually and reflect Jesus in our words and actions
  • to provide opportunities for ALL to flourish
  • to serve our community
  • to prepare and equip for an ever-changing world


Our Curriculum Intent

At St Margaret’s CE Primary School we want our curriculum to reflect our mission – our reason for being here.

At its heart we seek a curriculum that serves the needs of the child both educationally and spiritually, a curriculum that provides deep foundations for learning and which prepares children socially and emotionally for a complex but exciting world.

We want a curriculum that is both knowledge rich, experience driven and leads to learning that equips and prepares. Children should be encouraged to think deeply and critically, follow their own interests and develop expertise in subject disciplines.

Our curriculum encourages excellence, values effort and celebrates achievement. Together, our learning is creative, enriching and relevant to today and tomorrow.

The outworking of our curriculum is simple. We want our children to be the best they can be; to reach their potential; to be true to themselves, growing in wisdom and able to make good choices now and throughout their lives. Our children respect themselves and others, are self- confident, empathetic and have inner peace and optimism for the future.

Moving forward…

At St Margaret’s we are excited by our plans for further curriculum development. This will be project-led under the titles ‘Discover’, ‘Explore’ and ‘Create’. We are reorganising our projects to allow for greater depth of learning across the school, layers of understanding, consideration of Big Ideas and opportunities for learning out of the classroom. Each term we are planning for a new cycle of learning throughout 22/23.

Our Values (the means by which we work to achieve our vision)

Respect, Friendship, Resilience, Teamwork, Kindness and Love

By living these values and designing a curriculum that builds upon them, we encourage our children to learn and grow in the following:

  • self-confidence, independence and resilience; showing a love of learning, a joy in discovery and opportunity to flourish academically
  • an understanding of the true meaning of each value and how it applies to their lives now and in the future
  • to have deep respect for themselves and others; to value their community and the diversity of our modern world
  • to be ambitious for themselves and others; to have courage in their convictions and to know their contribution is valued

Our curriculum draws on the National Curriculum for propositional knowledge but adds to this bank where appropriate for our children. We are mapping our procedural knowledge to develop children’s skills from Reception to Year 6.

 Reading is at the heart of the curriculum so that children can unlock the door to learning at an early age. We teach subjects through projects and discreetly where appropriate and continuously assess children’s learning and progress in order to tailor learning opportunities to meet their needs