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Summer Term 2

We hope that you all had a lovely half term break with your families.

We had a brilliant half term with many highlights, including the party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee!

It is now our last half term in year five and we can’t quite believe that the year has whizzed by so quickly!

We have many things to look forward to this term: a new topic, beautiful weather (fingers crossed!) and also the rehearsals and performances of our Year 5 and 6 play Aladdin Trouble.

Topic: The Vikings (Geography Focus)

We will be learning about:

  • When in the past the Vikings lived
  • Where they came from and how and why the Vikings invaded Britain
  • Where they settled in Britain
  • How Vikings lived and worked
  • The Viking raids on Lindisfarne
  • The different sources available to use to find out about the past


English Learning

In English, we will be learning about fantasy texts! We will:

  • Look at the genre of fantasy and the features we would expect to find in these texts.
  • Examine extracts from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and The Wizard of Oz
  • Write our own fantasy setting for the Wizard of Oz
  • Read and study the stories of Beatrix Potter, writing our own Peter Rabbit story in her style
  • Learn about relative clauses and parenthesis 

Mathematical Learning

This term we are looking at:

  • How to work out percentages
  • Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Consolidating our work using the four operations
  • Understanding how to tell the time and interpret timetables
  • Angles, perimeter and area.


PSHE Learning

We will continue to think about Citizenship, learning about Parliament and pressure groups. We will then think about Economic Wellbeing, learning about money and how to budget. We will also be working on activities in preparation for the children’s transition to Year 6.

French Learning

We will be completing a unit called ‘Je Me Presente’. Children will be consolidating their French number knowledge, how to repeat personal details, including where they live in French and everyday greetings.

Scientific Learning (The Human Life Cycle)

Our topic this half term will be Stages of Life. We will learn:

  • To describe the differences in lifecycles of a mammals
  • To describe the stages of the lifecycle of an amphibian
  • To describe the lifecycles of insects and birds
  • To understand the terms complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis
  • To begin to know the parts of a plant
  • To know the lifecycle of a plant
  • To describe the life process of reproduction in some plants


Art Learning

We will do a series of art tasks based on the Vikings, and develop our 3D modelling skills by using clay to create our own sculpture of a Viking long ship.

Music Learning

We will be learning a selection of songs to be performed in our Year 5 & 6 Play.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at the Gospels, thinking about our new big question "What Would Jesus Do?"

Computing Learning

We will be looking using ICT programmes within Google, including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. This will support preparing the children for secondary school and beyond.

PE Learning

This half term we will continue to work on our athletic skills, focusing on running, jumping and throwing in preparation for Sports Day. We will also be enjoying rounders, practising the key skills to be successful in this striking and fielding sport.

How can you help?

  • Encouraging your child to read regularly at home, both independently and to an adult.
  • Lots of regular times table testing including both multiplication and division facts. The faster the response, the better!
  • Supporting your child with learning their spellings, discussing the meanings of words, discussing the phoneme and any rules, putting words into sentences and reviewing spellings from previous weeks

Events/Trips planned for this half term

  • Please see the list of diary dates sent out with the school newsletter.

    Ones of note:

    * Wednesday 15th June – Year 5 and 1 Beach trip – see letter for additional information.

    * Friday 1st July – Junior Sports Day from 9:30

    * Thursday 7th July – Work Sharing Day – see Newsletter for details.

If you have any resources you are happy to loan to us or have any particular knowledge about any of our topics, please come and see us.

Please come and see your class teacher if you need any further information or have a query. We are available at the end of the day on the playground.

The Year Five team