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Spring Term 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas time with your family and friends.

Last half term was a very busy one in Year 4, finishing off our history topic with our own Anglo-Saxon themed day.  The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and ending the day with an Anglo-Saxon feast where they sampled mead and Bara Brith, and danced to music.  We were also busy preparing for our ukulele concert. We were delighted with how well the children performed and entertained the adults who were watching.

Now we look forward to a new year and a new term.

Spring Term Topic: Ancient Greeks

We will be learning about:

  • The geography of Ancient Greece
  • Life in Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek discoveries and inventions
  • Ancient Greek Theatre


English Learning

In English, we will be looking at poetry. We will learn:

  • About poetical features and how poems are composed
  • To write our own poetry about the sea
  • We will then look at play scripts. We will learn:
  • To identify features of a play script
  • To act out a play script
  • To write our own play script for the Greek Story of Jason and the Golden Fleece


Mathematical Learning

This term we are looking at:

  • Understanding capacity and converting between millilitres and litres
  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000
  • Subtracting using a written method


PSHE Learning

We will be looking ahead to the new term, setting targets and thinking about our understanding of medicines and drugs.

French Learning

We will be looking at how to discuss our family, birthday, likes and dislikes.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this half term will be states of matter. We will learn:

  • To understand about solids, liquids and gases        
  • About changes of state
  • About measuring changes of temperature
  • To explore our learning through investigation, predicting and experiments


Art Learning

We will be exploring elements of art including line, colour, texture and mood, colour mixing and then using these skills to create seascapes.

Music Learning

We will be continuing with our ukulele lessons.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at Incarnation and trying to understand what the Trinity is through the baptism of Jesus.  We will then learn about temptation and how Jesus was tempted in the desert.

Computing Learning

We will be block coding using Scratch Create then using Gmail to access our email account and using Google Drive to share documents.

PE Learning

In indoor PE we will be working on our jumping and leaping in Gym and introducing the children to yoga.

In outdoor PE we will be working on hockey skills.

How can you help?

  • Continuing to read regularly at home, both independently and to an adult, with lots of discussion about the book
  • Lots of regular times table testing including both multiplication and division facts
  • Supporting your child with learning their spellings, discussing the meaning of words, putting them into sentences and reviewing spellings from previous weeks
  • Encouraging your child to practise their ukulele


Events/Trips planned for this half term

Please see the dates for your diary sheet for general dates of events of things happening in school once published.

Please come and see your class teacher if you need any further information or have a query. We are available at the end of the day on the playground.

Happy New Year to you and your families.        The Year 4 team