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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to year four! We hope that you had a lovely, relaxing summer holiday and enjoyed a break from the normal routines.

We are very excited to start a new year with our new classes. We are looking forward to getting to know the children, finding out about their hobbies and interests and teaching them. We are confident that the year will be full of new challenges for the children and there will be lots of exciting learning opportunities.

This booklet will outline the topics that we will be covering this half term and subsequent booklets will inform you about the rest of the year.

Autumn Term 1 Topic: Anglo Saxons (History)

Following on from the Year 3 topic of the Romans, we launch straight into the Anglo Saxons. Once the Romans left these shores in 410AD, Britain was left to defend itself and along came the Anglo Saxons.  We will be learning about:

  • Who were the Anglo Saxons and where did they come from?
  • Who was the greatest king? King Alfred or King Athelstan?
  • Anglo Saxon village life (build your own model village).
  • Studying Anglo Saxon artefacts and making informed guesses as to their purpose.
  • Anglo Saxon religion and Gods.
  • Justice in Anglo Saxon times.
  • Anglo Saxon Day Thursday 21st October (letter to follow).


English Learning

In English, we will be reading and enjoying Roald Dahl’s Matilda. We will be using persuasive language:

* To write a Radio Advert for Mr Wormwood’s dodgy second hand cars. We will perform these to our class.

* To study St Margaret’s website and school brochure for persuasive language and then write a school brochure for Crunchem Hall.


We will then learn how to use bullet points for note taking and finally write a for and against argument as to whether Miss Honey should get her family home back.

Mathematical Learning

This term we are looking at:

* Place Value – Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000. Using a number line. Partitioning, ordering and comparing numbers. Representing numbers to 10,000. Roman numerals. Negative numbers. Counting in 25’s.

* Addition and Subtraction using different methods. 

PSHE Learning

We will be looking at Family and relationships. This includes Healthy friendships, bullying, stereotypes, respect and manners and families around the world. This does NOT include puberty lessons.

French Learning

We will be learning the names of music instruments.

Art Learning

We will learn to record observations and improve mastery of art and design technique.

We will design and make an Anglo Saxon Amulet and bag.

Scientific Learning

* Human digestion

* Knowing the parts of the digestive system and how they work

* Animal digestion

* Teeth and how to look after them

* Knowing about the function of the tongue

Electricity (Fox with Mrs Bland)

*Everyday electrical appliances

*Electrical circuits

*Conductors and Insulators

*Switches and a switch investigation.

 Music Learning

Children will start learning the Djembe with Miss White who is a music teacher from West Sussex Music. This will develop the children’s understanding of rhythm, pitch and beat before moving onto Ukuleles later in the year.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at the unit: “How does a Muslim show their submission and obedience to Allah?”

Computing Learning

We will be looking at how to keep safe online and how to use Google Drive and various Apps. We hope to also start using our new Chrome Books for these lessons.

PE Learning

Indoor PE: We hope to be welcoming a special guest visitor to our PE lessons.

Outdoor PE: Hockey.

How can you help?

  • Encouraging your child to read regularly at home, both independently and to an adult. 5 reads per week please.
  • Lots of regular times table testing including both multiplication and division facts. The faster the response, the better! Times Table Rock Stars is great for this.
  • Supporting your child with learning their spellings, discussing the meanings of words, using the spellings in sentences and reviewing spellings from previous weeks.
  • Help your child to pack their own bags and organise their belongings each morning. Year 4 is a great age to start teaching them to take responsibility for their own possessions.


Events/Trips planned for this half term

  • Anglo Saxon Day. Thursday 21st A letter will be sent home with further information.

    Please contact your class teacher either via the office or email.

    We look forward to working with you this term.       


    Mrs Broomhead (Fox), Miss Wilson (Mole) & Mrs Brown (LSA)

    The Year 4 team