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Summer Term 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Easter with your family and friends. We had a fantastic Spring term: Our Kapla day and school trip to Arundel Castle were particular highlights.  Thankfully, Belinda the dragon has been returned to West Sussex Dragon Agency and our detective work is over!

Last half term, we learnt about key concepts such as power, protection, strength and responsibility. We debated questions such as ‘Whose responsibility was the fire, Farriner or Bludworth?’, ‘What gives a community strength and how has this changed over time? and ‘Which castle has the most protection: A Motte and Bailey or a concentric castle?’.

We have an equally exciting Summer term, with a South American party, a forest school day, growing our own butterflies and writing to a South American Pen pal.

Summer 1 Term Topic: Discover - "If the world could speak, what would it say?"

We will be learning to:

  • Compare and contrast the size and scale of the Amazon rainforest to the Angmering woods
  • Identify some of the physical and human features in South America
  • Understand what life is like in South America
  • Explain the consequences of deforestation and think of ways we can prevent it

Our project concepts for this half term are stewardship, sacrifice, consequences and influence.

English Learning

In English, we will be reading:

  • ‘The boy who spoke to the earth’
  • ‘This moose belongs to me’
  • ‘Lost words’

We will be learning about how to write for a variety of purposes and audiences:

  • Narratives
  • Recounts
  • Post cards
  • Poems

We will be continuing to practise a range of skills such as paragraphs, contractions and rule of three. We will be learning new skills such as:

  • Superlatives (comparison language such as largest)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd person
  • Brackets for adding extra information
  • Commas in a list

Mathematical Learning

This half term we are looking at measurement:

Length and height:

  • Measure in cm and m, remembering to place the object at 0
  • Compare and order lengths
  • Solve problems using the four operations


  • Measure in ml and l
  • Compare and order capacities
  • Solve problems using the four operations


  • Measure weight in g and kg
  • Compare and order objects from lightest to heaviest
  • Solve problems using the four operations


  • Reading temperatures on a thermometer
  • Compare temperatures
  • Solve addition and subtraction problems

PSHE Learning

We will be finishing our topic about the local community: Learning about rules outside school, caring for the school and local environment and exploring the roles people have within the local community.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this half term will be plants:

We will learn about:

  • The life cycle of plants
  • What seeds of made of and what conditions they need to grow into plants
  • The parts of a plant, including those that we eat


Music Learning

We will be learning the song ‘I want to play in a band’.  They will learn how to play, improvise and compose appraise rock songs.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We are learning about the Jewish faith.

We will learn:

  • about their holy book, the Torah
  • the special rules that the Jews follow to look after it
  • about the festival of Simchat Torah.

Computing Learning

We will be exploring programming by learning how to recognise and create a loop and use code to follow and create an algorithm. We will then create an animation of an animal moving using the program Scratch Jr.

PE Learning

This half term, we will be focusing on dance, learning a traditional May Day dance routine which we will film. We will also be practising the skills of throwing, catching and bouncing a ball, individually and in small-sided games.

How can you help?

  • Continuing to read regularly at home to an adult, with lots of discussion about the books
  • Supporting your child with learning their spellings, discussing the meanings of words, putting them into sentences and reviewing spellings from previous weeks
  • Continuing to play Numbots at home


Dates to be aware of for this half term:

  • 22nd April: South American party

Bringing in cereal and milk for our snack area (see Seesaw for more information).

Week 1 (w/b 15th April) Yellow group

Week 2 (w/b 22nd April) Red group

Week 3 (w/b 29th April) Blue group

Week 4 (w/b 6th May) Green group

Further dates and information may come out from the Office throughout the half term.

If you have any resources you are happy to loan to us or have any particular knowledge about any of our focuses, please let us know.

Class emails:

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