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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Year 2. We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday. The children have all settled well into Willow and Cherry Class. They are beginning to learn the routines of Year 2 and we are enjoying getting to know each other.

Autumn Term Topic: Turrets and Talons

We will be learning to:

  • Recognise the history and features of castles
  • Think of questions that will enhance our research
  • Use different sources (books, videos and a castle visit) to gather information about castles
  • Compare life in our castle with modern life

English Learning

In English, we will be looking at books about castles and dragons, linked to our topic "Turrets and Talons".  We will learn:

  • To use books to research about life in castles and writing questions and statements to show what we have learnt
  • To make thoughtful predictions about what will happen in a story based on what we have read so far
  • How to write instructions
  • To describe an imaginary scene using high-quality language
  • About the features of poetry, performing a poem from memory and writing our own

Mathematical Learning

This term we are focusing on:

  •  Place value: partitioning a two-digit number into tens and ones
  • Estimating the amount of a set of objects
  • Learning different strategies for adding and subtracting larger numbers more efficiently
  • Introducing multiplication as repeated addition through arrays. Starting to learn our 10, 2 and 5 times table
  • Geometry: learning about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes; learning the names of common shapes and how to describe their properties using the correct vocabulary

PSHE Learning

This half term the topic is ‘Me and My Feelings’. Through this topic, we shall be exploring our own feelings. These may be feelings of happy, scared, angry or worried. We shall be looking at how we can deal with these feelings.

Scientific Learning

Our topic this term is Materials. We will learn how to recognise everyday materials and sort them according to their properties.  We will be investigating how different materials are suited to different purposes.

Art Learning

We will be completing a range of art activities based on the ‘talons’ part of our topic. We will also be learning the skills of colour mixing. We will be creating artwork using hot and cold colour pallets. We will be creating designs for dragons.

Music Learning

We will be exploring the difference between beat and rhythm through marching music. We will be singing various songs linked to marching and playing musical instruments to accompany. We will also be learning songs for our Harvest Festival.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be looking at the topic of Creation. We will be learning about the creation story from the Bible and asking, “If the world has a creator, what must He be

Computing Learning

We will be learning a little more about our computer suite and using a program called Purple Mash to further explore our topic.

PE Learning

We will be focusing on gymnastics during Indoor PE: creating balances on the floor and travelling in high and low positions on apparatus. For the first half term both classes with have Forest Schools for an afternoon once a week instead of outdoor PE. Children will also be taking part in the ‘Daily Mile’ for 15 minutes.

How can you help?

  • If you can spare any time at morning drop off or any other time during the day to help with reading, then please speak to your child’s class teacher. You may need to obtain a DBS check first
  • Listen to your child read their reading book from school as often as possible. Your child can change their own book once they have read at home
  • Complete the maths homework tasks that are provided each week Keep reading stories to your child to enrich their vocabulary and enjoyment of stories
  • Offer to accompany your child’s class school trips

Events/trips planned for this half term:

  • Forest schools every Tuesday afternoon (Willow Class) or Wednesday afternoon (Cherry Class)
  • Tuesday 24th September is our trip to Arundel Castle
  • Friday 4th October is our Harvest Festival service at 9am
  • Monday 14th October is individual school photos
  • Wednesday 16th & Thursday 24th October is Parents Evenings
  • ‘Castles and Dragons’ dress-up day at the end of this half term (Date to be confirmed)

We would prefer that the children bring a book bag to school instead of a rucksack, which take up a lot of space in our cloakroom. Book bags are stored in the classroom.
Please come and see your class teacher if you need any further information or have a query. We are available at the end of the day after we have dismissed the class.

The Year 2 team
Mr Carton Mrs Edwards Mrs Evans