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Autumn Term 2

Last term, we had a fantastic start to the year learning about castles in our “Turrets and Talons” topic. The children loved the Medieval History Workshop. We learnt a tale about Robin Hood and designed our own crest. We found out about weapons (swords, daggers, and bows and arrows) and took part in a "battle" between the classes.

This half term we are looking forward to becoming “World Explorers” as we travel around the seven continents, learning about the five main different climates zones: Temperate, Polar, Desert, Tropical and Mediterranean.

Our school value focus for this half term is Love.

Autumn Term Topic: World Explorers

We will be learning:

  • To locate the seven continents of the world using printed and online atlases.
  • About the types of weather we experience in the UK.
  • To compare our Temperate climate with other main climate zones around the globe: Polar, Desert, Tropical and Mediterranean.
  • About animals that we find in those climates and some cultures of the people that live there.

English Learning

This half term we are learning about traditional tales from our temperate climate and different climates around the world, such as The Polar Bear Son (an Inuit tale), What Made Tiddalik Laugh (an Australian Aboriginal tale) and The Magic Paintbrush (a Chinese tale). We are learning to:

  • Retell traditional tales in our own words and write our stories inspired by the events in traditional tales;
  • Write a letter from a character in a story;
  • Create a fact page about an animal from a different climate. 

Mathematical Learning

This term we are focusing on:

Addition and subtraction:

  • developing our knowledge of number bonds;
  • learning various practical, written and mental strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit numbers.


  • telling the time on analogue clocks to the nearest quarter hour.


  • recognising coins and using them to pay prices;
  • finding different combinations of coins that add up to the same amount;
  • adding prices and giving change.


PSHE Learning

We will be learning about how a Growth Mindset can help us achieve our full potential.

Scientific Learning

Our topic is “Animals, including humans”. We will learn:

  • How baby animals change as they grow into adults.
  • How humans change throughout different stages of our lives and what we need at each stage.
  • What the animals that we look after need to stay healthy.
  • What we need to stay healthy, including healthy eating, exercise and keeping clean.
  • To carry out an experiment to find out if the tallest children always have the biggest feet.


Art Learning

We will be creating art around our English texts using different mediums and techniques.  We will also design firework pattern pictures and our own Christmas card designs.  In DT we will be investigating moving mechanisms to create a Christmas card with a moving part.

Music Learning

Our music topic for this half term is “Ho Ho Ho”. The children will be performing and improvising around this Christmas song.

Faith and Wonder Learning

We will be learning about the Christian concept of incarnation and asking “Why Christmas matters to Christians?” We will learn about:

  • The events of the Christmas story.
  • Why Jesus’ birth is special to Christians.
  • How the events of the Nativity story demonstrate that Jesus is special.

Computing Learning

We will be using online programs to learn about computer coding and debugging skills. We will learn how to program a virtual Bee Bot to negotiate around a maze and then work out how to debug computer programs which have gone wrong!

PE Learning

In outdoor PE, will be playing invasion games and learning the skills of ball control and use of space around an opponent. In indoor PE, will be creating a dance in which we fly to the Arctic and become different polar animals.

How can you help?

  • Continuing to listen to your child read regularly and, especially, discussing the book with them afterwards. 
  • Lots of regular practice of counting in 1s, 10s, 2s, 5s, and 3s, forwards and backwards.
  • Supporting your child with practising their spellings.


Events/trips planned for this half term:

  • Anti-Bullying week started on Monday 16th November. To celebrate this, the children wore odd socks to school to celebrate what makes us all unique.
  • Our house day will be on Tuesday 24th November and the children will wear the colour of their house on this day.
  • This half term the children will be making breadsticks in afternoon cookery lessons.
  • Please refer to the Christmas letter for dates of other festive events that are happening this half term.

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