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Sumdog West Sussex Schools results!

Alison Spears
01 May 2020 12:17

Absolutely amazing results for St Margaret's in this months SUMDOG competition!

327 classes across the county competed and all 4 of our Year 5 & 6 Classes were in the top 40 spots, that really is a fantastic achievement!

Arundel 3rd Place

Amberley 8th Place 

Bramber 21st Place 

Lewes 40th Place


2619 students played in total and here are the St Margaret's pupils that ended in the top 50 overall: (Scores are out of 1000)

Toby (Arundel) 9th, 989

Adam (Bramber) 11th, 988

Luke (Arundel) 12th, 987

Jack B (Arundel) 16th, 981

Connie (Bramber) 19th, 978

Elliot (Amberley) 20th, 978

Thomas (Bramber) 30th, 961

Aleyna (Amberley) 41st, 953

Shanai (Arundel) 44th, 951

Ben (Arundel) 45th, 947

Elodie (Arundel) 46th, 946

Well done everyone!Such fantastic work from home!