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Year 5 Trip to Brighton

Ellie Bransden
17 December 2019 13:38

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Brighton this term, where we visited the old jail (underneath the town hall) and the Brighton Toy Museum. The children all behaved beautifully and really enjoyed the experience. They asked some fab questions and really enjoyed playing with the vintage toys at the museum and dressing up in the old police outfits! Here are a few quotes from the children in Lewes class. 

I really enjoyed our trip to Brighton. My favourite part was looking at the stories in the Old Police Cells. I learnt that the women and the children’s cells had heating. They took the men to be hung in a thing which went around their wrists and necks. Max, Lewes Class


I thought the trip was very fun and it was interesting about how Brighton has changed. My favourite part was when we went to the Old Cells. I learnt that the men and women didn’t share a cell. Jacob, Lewes Class


I enjoyed my trip to Brighton. My favourite part was the Old Police Cells because I couldn’t believe I was standing where criminals stood in the old days. I learnt from the toy museum that the rich children had a lot of toys and the poor didn’t. Caitlin, Lewes Class


I thought our trip to Brighton was super fun and I loved learning much more about the Victorians in the Toy and Model museum. My favourite part was going in tbe prison cells and finding out that the women and children’s cells were heated and had natural light but the men’s cells weren’t. I learnt that the oldest doll in the museum was 140 years old. There was still graffiti on the walls of the cells which was done by the prisoners. Evie, Lewes Class