Visit from the Hedgehog Man

Mole Class Hedgehog Visit

This week two of our intrepid reporters were sent to meet five very special visitors. Four of the visitors were small and prickly!

Graham Bowring (from St Francis Animal Care, Hampshire but also based in Petworth) came in to talk to all the different classes at St Margaret’s about hedgehogs. He had brought four in: Harvey, Henry, Harry and Holly. Each class was introduced to one of the hedgehogs. In Mole class, Holly the Hedgehog was the guest of honour.

When Graham came into the classroom, he asked the children if they had seen a hedgehog before and most of the children raised their hands. When he brought out Holly, the children were in awe. At first, Holly was really shy and only wanted to be near Graham as she tried to climb up his trousers; she is used to being held. But then she became more confident with the class, who were being very quiet, and ambled around to meet the children. At the end of the talk, all the children were offered the opportunity to stroke Holly and of course everyone wanted to.

As part of the visit, Graham told the children loads of interesting facts. Did you know that hedgehogs had 5000-6000 prickles? They are also nocturnal and hibernate in the winter? When the two hedgehogs mate, they have around 2-7 babies. Once the babies are born, the male hedgehog leaves to go to another lady hedgehog to make another family. A baby hedgehog is named a hoglet and they have a few prickles when they are little/born. Hoglets don’t open their eyes either for the first two weeks. Did you know that Hedgehogs are very good at swimming? They also walk around 2 miles a night which is why it is important that gardens are made open to them. This can be done my making a little hole in the fence: a Hedgehog Highway. The children are now mini-hedgehog experts.

How can you help: if you see a hedgehog, stay silent because they will get alarmed; they don’t have good eyesight but they have amazing hearing. If you find a Hedgehog, give them dog or cat food and a drink of water, but don’t give them bread and milk as it is not good for their tummies. If you find a hedgehog which is underweight or ill, then take them to your local vet or a wildlife care hospital. Hedgehogs are endangered and it is up to us to look after them!


St Margaret’s would just like to thank Graham Bowring and the Hedgehogs for coming in and educating us about them. Also, thank you to Miss Mill for organising this.


Reporters: Abi-Rose and Nathan

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