Adverse Weather Conditions

Adverse Weather Conditions


It seems we are entering into a period of adverse weather with the possibility of snow, I would like to remind you of the school’s position regarding closure should the weather deteriorate and we experience heavy snow.

In previous years, the school has stayed open during periods of heavy snow and we hope this will be the case this year if it arrives. If the staff are able to travel safely to school and there are sufficient numbers of teachers to cover the classrooms, then the school will remain open. It is up to parents to decide if they wish to bring their children to school, and this should be determined by whether or not they feel it is safe to do so.

Often the first day of snow is less dangerous than the second day, when there may have been a thaw and then a refreezing overnight, which leaves the whole area of the school and routes to the school extremely dangerous. For this reason, the school may close on the second day of snow, depending on whether there has been a melt, followed by a freeze. Each morning, we will make an assessment of conditions, and decide whether it is safe for the school to open.

Our aim is to ensure that there is as little disruption to the children’s education as possible, and also to support working parents for whom emergency closures are extremely difficult.. We will use our text messaging service, should we need to let parents/carers know whether or not the school is open, or if we need to close early in the event of snow during the school day. We will also put this information on our school website.

Please ensure that the school has your up to date mobile phone number if it has changed recently, in order that you can be kept fully informed in the event of adverse weather conditions.

In short, the school will only close if the school is so deep in snow that it is not safe for the staff to come in, or if the ice makes it unsafe for the staff and children to come to school, otherwise we will endeavour to keep the school open and parents can make a decision whether to bring their children to school, based on their individual circumstances.