Universal Free School Meal - tomorrow

Universal Free School Meals

Twice a year the Department of Education conduct a school census to monitor the number of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who have a hot school meal.  This is known as Universal Free School Meals.  UFSM applies to all children in the Infants and raises a significant amount of school funding.  This is based on the numbers of children taking the school meal on this day (approximately £400 per child).   It is important that as many Infant children as possible have a free hot school meal on census day which falls on Thursday 17th January (this week).  All children in the Infants on this day will be offered a free hot school meal but parents and carers are welcome to provide additional snacks if deemed necessary.

The menu for this day is beef burger and chips or veggie nuggets and chips followed by sticky toffee and apple sponge with squash to drink.