Year 5 visit to Brighton Toy Museum and Old Police Cells

Last week Year 5 visited Brighton Toy Museum and the Old Police cells.

 Brighton Toy Museum

Here are some of the children's thoughts from Lewes Class:-


I really enjoyed the Toy and Model museum because we could play with toys like the clockwork train. There was also a button you could press on one of the displays that could make the trains go around. There were machines that you could use 10p coins to make work. I found the Old Police cells good also. There were three different cells to visit. There were loads of pictures in the cells to look at and you could see how Victorian police did look. The person that lead us around told us some stories about how nasty it would have been in there. I enjoyed visiting the store room where the man told us about how the officers would have been told their duties for the day and hear about crimes happening in the area. I enjoyed dressing up as a police officer and learning how to hold a truncheon. It was smaller than I thought but then the Victorian people were shorter than us.


I enjoyed visiting the Old Police Cells and finding out about the people who went there. We learnt about a man who came back to visit the cells after he stayed there as a young man. He brought his children and grandchildren with him to show them his cell.

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