Remembrance Day Poems

When you turn your lights out,
When you sit in horror,
When the back-out curtains go up,
The Blitz began.
As the Germans fly over,
We hope no bombs,
All hopes are risen
(Only the brave-bird stays).
By Luca
 German planes flying over
World War 2
World War 2 started in 1939,
You needed blackout curtains so your house didn't shine,
War was a very grievous time,
It was worse than eating grime,
World War 2 ended in 1945,
It was a challenge to stay alive.
By Jake
Army Grave
Pity not, the Army gave,
Freedom to a timid slave,
in which freedom did he find,
strength of body, will and mind,
For which love to death he went,
In which death he lies content.

By Joe