May Day 2018

May Day Celebrations

Well done to Mia (May Queen), Sam (May King), Lily (May Princess) and Luca (May Prince) our Royal Family voted for by the Junior children, for starting off our May Day Celebrations.  They were presented the cups by Elsie and Anthony our returned May King and Queen from last year.

 Royal Family for website

 May King for website cups for website May Queen for website

 Royal family for website

All the children looked amazing in their colourful dresses and shirts ready to perform their dances.  William Older Playschool started off the celebrations with "What shall we do with the grumpy pirate".

The other dances were:

Oak and Ash - Buttered Peas!

Elm and Chestnut - Flying Scotsman

Maple, Willow and Cherry - Durham Reel

Badger and Otter - Dancing

Fox and Mole - Lay it all on me

Amberley and Lewes - The Greatest Show

Bramber and Arundel - Surfin" USA


The children looked lovely dressed in colourful shirts and dresses ready to perform their dances

 Group 1 Group 2 group 3

 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 for website

Everyone was extremely well rehearsed and looked like they were enjoying themselves having fun dancing in the sun!

 Dance 1 Dance 2 Dance 3

 dance 4 Dance 5 for website Dane 6 for website

Year 6 finished off our May Celebrations by dancing the May Pole

 May pole 1 May pole 2 may pole 3 for website

Have a good half term holiday