Indoor Athletics Competition

The team did amazingly well especially as they hadn't had any opportunity to prepare for the events. I did a quick coaching session on using the reversaboards and how to do a standing triple jump to give them some basic points to use.

Every child that took part put so much effort in and they all tried really hard. We came a clear second which is such a great achievement, although a little frustrating as we were 1 point clear of first place!! The team as a whole supported and cheered for each other very well and they were a pleasure to be with.

The team list was:

Year 5: Joseph Haydon, Charlie Merrit-Blann, Jake Louis, Tom Young, Olivia Jones, Jade Collins, Amelia-Rose Thomas

Year 6: Rebekah Webb, Evie Burton, Abigail Meritt-Blann, Freya Whittiker, Caitlin Lupton, Ellis Wilson, Sam Justice, Sam Goddard, Janie Spicer, Tristan Pender, 

Year 3: Amy Haydon

Thanks, it was a great event to be at and the children represented the school extremely well.


By Debbie Webb