Sumdog News

Sumdog News

West Sussex Contest Results


The following children did brilliantly in the Maths Sumdog competition.  Out of 3500 children in West Sussex our children were placed as below - 18 children were in the top 50!:-

1st Abigail (Bramber)

2nd Harrison (Bramber)

3rd Marcus (Arundel)

8th Jade (Amberley)

10th Jake (Lewes)

13th Finlay (Lewes)

14th Tom (Lewes)

16th Christian (Amberley)

17th George (Bramber)

18th Poppy (Bramber)

22nd Isobel (Amberley)

24th Lewis (Lewes)

26th Ellis (Bramber)

32nd Toby (Bramber)

35th Summer (Bramber)

37th Leila (Amberley)

39th Joe (Lewes)

47th Oliver K (Lewes)


350 classes entered the competition and our Year 5 and 6 were placed;

Class Results

1st Amberley

5th Lewes

11th Bramber

76th Arundel

Well done to the 18 children who were placed in the top 50

 Amberley Class for website

Well done Amberley Class for coming 1st

 Amberley Class

Well done Bramber Class

 Bramber class for website